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About us

Don't waste another minute browsing without a clue on which film to watch:
check out Filmmelier!

We know you can take forever in your favorite streaming platform while trying to figure out what to watch. We are here to solve this problem.

We have a team of movie buffs researching and suggesting films weekly, including tips that go beyond the obvious and the releases, so many releases - as long as they're worth it, of course. So, forget the recommendation algorithms that always bring the same answers.

Do you remember that rent-a-video store clerk in your neighborhood? He watched everything and had the best suggestions. Well, Filmmelier is a virtual version of your favorite clerk. Here you will find suggestions that we would only give to friends and family. Before social networks, this was called "word of mouth."

We provide you with links to your favourite platform. In many cases, you can buy the films and add them to your personal library forever. Just like a DVD.

By the way, did we mention we love lists? 

How to watch:

This is an international version of Filmmelier. Some films may not be available in your country. If available, you can watch anywhere, any way you want whenever you want - via devices such as mobile phones, setup boxes, tablets, smart TVs, video games and computers.

If you are from Brazil or Mexico, please switch to your local version in the menu. 

Streaming services fall into two broad groups: those per subscription and the transactional ones. The first is the case of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, in which a fixed price per month is paid to watch the entire menu available. The second case is one of those platforms that allow you to rent or buy by film, that is, by transaction.

Here is a brief introduction of them:

It is the most popular subscription streaming service, offering their entire catalog of movies and series for a fixed monthly price. It has a good collection of major studios, and recent movie releases. It also delivers several original content and some independent films.

Prime Video is the streaming subscription service of Amazon. It follows the same format as Netflix, in which the subscriber pays a monthly amount to have full access to the entire catalog and original Amazon productions.

Amazon Prime Video has apps for Android phones, iPhones, general tablets and smart TVs

Apple's iTunes is a large library of movies, available for purchase and rental. A very diverse number of productions, from blockbusters to the independent feature films of the most diverse places of the world. The big plus of Apple's service is that great movies are released first here, right after their releases in theaters - or in some cases, the physical and digital premiere happens simultaneously. In addition, your purchases can be watched on any device with the iOS (iPhones and iPad) operating system, Apple TV or computer with the iTunes application installed, be it Windows or MacOS.

Another good thing about iTunes is that most movies are available for purchase, making it possible for you to set up your large personal library - just the way it was possible back in the day of the DVD’s.

One of the exclusive features of the platform, are the iTunes Extras, which, like the extras of the old DVDs and Blu-rays, brings exclusive content to the fans - including trailers, photos, interviews etc.

Google Play is Google's digital store, with a large range of movies - including, of course, blockbusters and independents. Most of them are available for rent or for purchase, making it possible to create your personal collection.

The productions can be watched on your computer or even on Android or iOS operating system phones, as long as the app 'Play Movies' is installed. You can also watch movies on a TVs with the use of a Chromecast device.

Spamflix is a platform focused in a selected catalog of curious and transgressive titles, that aims surprise your target with feature film, most of them of independent productions.

All titles are available to rent, that means you will able to watch it in 72 hours after purchase using your favorite browser.