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The Film Critic

Hernán Guerschuny Foreign 2013 97 min

The Film Critic

Original title: El Crítico

Genre: Foreign Year 2013 Rating: NR

Duration: 97 min Country: Argentina, Chile

The Film Critic

Direction: Hernán Guerschuny

Production: Pablo Udenio

Script: Hernán Guerschuny

Cast: Dolores Fonzi, Rafael Spregelburd

The movie is: Funny, Affectionate, Romantic

Profile: Festivals, Romantic Comedy

About: Culture, Love, Relationship, Behavior, Work, Encounters

Origin: Latin American, Argentine

Synopsis The films follows Víctor Tellez, an intellectual, world-weary film critic who prefers to think in French and eschew the clichés of romantic movies...until he finds himself living a sappy, feel-good love story of his own. But when a chance meeting abruptly brings him into the world of beautiful thrill-seeker Sofia, he begins to question his usual cynical routine and realize there’s more to his own story - and the tradition of classic rom-coms - than he ever dreamed.

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