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Out of Africa

Sydney Pollack Drama 1985 160 min

Out of Africa

Original title: Out of Africa

Genre: Drama Year 1985 Rating: PG

Duration: 160 min Country: USA, UK

Out of Africa

Direction: Sydney Pollack

Production: Sydney Pollack

Script: Kurt Luedtke

Cast: Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Michael Kitchen, Malick Bowens, Michael Gough, Suzanna Hamilton, Rachel Kempson, Graham Crowden, Leslie Phillips, Shane Rimmer

The movie is: Contemplative, Dramatic, Romantic, Sensitive, Sentimental, Sofisticated

Profile: Bellic, Biographical, Historical

About: Love, Behavior, Culture, Encounters, Environment, Nature, Relationship, Separation, Society, Work, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis 'Out of Africa' is the fascinating true story of Karen Blixen, a strong-willed woman who, with her philandering husband, runs a coffee plantation in Kenya, circa 1914. To her astonishment, she soon discovers herself falling in love with the land, its people and a mysterious white hunter.

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