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The Family

Luc Besson Comedy 2013 111 min

The Family

Original title: The Family

Genre: Comedy Year 2013 Rating: R

Duration: 111 min Country: EUA, France

The Family

Direction: Luc Besson

Production: Luc Besson, Martin Scorsese, Jason Beckman

Script: Luc Besson, Michael Caleo

Cast: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones

The movie is: Dry, Funny, Mockery, Vulgar language

Profile: Mob, Violent, Tragic

About: Drugs, Gangs, Persecution, Police, Relationship, Violence, Work

Origin: North American

Synopsis When a Mafia boss and his family are relocated to a sleepy town in France after snitching on the mob, they can’t help resorting to old habits by handling their problems the “family” way.

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