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From Afar

Lorenzo Vigas Drama 2015 93 min
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From Afar

Original title: Desde allá

Genre: Drama Year 2015 Rating: G

Duration: 93 min Country: Venezuela

From Afar

Direction: Lorenzo Vigas

Production: Rodolfo Cova, Guillermo Arriaga, Michel Franco, Lorenzo Vigas

Script: Lorenzo Vigas

Cast: Alfredo Castro, Luis Silva

The movie is: Contemplative, Current, Bold, Dramatic, Sofisticated

Profile: Festivals, LGBT, Psychological

About: Behavior, Encounters, Relationship, Sex, Sexuality, Society

Origin: Latin American

Synopsis Armando lures young men to his home with money. He doesn’t want to touch, only watch from a strict distance. Armando’s first encounter with street thug Elder is violent, but this doesn’t discourage the lonely man’s fascination with the tough handsome teenager.

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