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My Men

  • IMDb 5.4
Emma Luchini Romance 2015 90 min

My Men

Original title: Un debut Prometheur

Genre: Romance Year 2015 Rating: NR

Duration: 90 min Country: Belgium, France

My Men

Direction: Emma Luchini

Production: Albane de Jourdan, Maxime Delauney, Romain Rousseau

Script: Emma Luchini, Vanessa David, Nicolas Rey

Cast: Bedik Agazarian, André Antebi, Veerle Baetens

The movie is: Fun, Funny, Romantic, Sensitive, Sentimental

Profile: Romantic Comedy

About: Friendship, Love, Encounters, Family, Relationship, Separation, Sex, Sexuality, Society

Origin: European, French

Synopsis Martin is a disillusioned man who returns to live with his father and his younger brother, Gabriel. Everything changes when Gabriel know a mysterious woman.

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