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La banda Picasso

  • IMDb 5.3
  • Goya Awards nominee
Fernando Colomo Comedy 2012 96 min
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La banda Picasso

Original title: La banda Picasso

Genre: Comedy Year 2012 Rating: NR

Duration: 96 min Country: Spain

La banda Picasso

Direction: Fernando Colomo

Production: Beatriz de la Gándara

Script: Fernando Colomo

Cast: Ignacio Mateos, Pierre Bénézit, Stanley Weber, Christopher Abbott

The movie is: Creative, Fun, Funny, Inspiring, Reflective, Sentimental, Intelligent

Profile: Based on true events, Historical, Investigative

About: Crime, Culture, Daily, Society, Visual arts

Origin: European, Spanish

Synopsis Based on actual events, Pablo Picasso and his friends steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. When the authorities interview the artist about his involvement in the caper, he debates whether he should betray his associates.

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