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Eve's Apple

  • IMDb 6.9
Héctor Carré Documentary 2017 90 min

Eve's Apple

Original title: La manzana de Eva

Genre: Documentary Year 2017 Rating: G

Duration: 90 min Country: Spain

Eve's Apple

Direction: Héctor Carré

Production: Jose Manuel Cólon Armario

Script: Jose Manuel Cólon Armario

Cast: Mónica Batán, Sylvia Keys, Asha Ismail, Xiomara Parra

The movie is: Current, Cruel, Shocking, Uncomfortable, Instructive, Intense, Realistic, Reflective, Tragic, Sad

Profile: Educational, Political, Psychological, Social

About: Behavior, Ethnic Groups, Feminism, Childhood, Freedom, Sexuality, Society, Life, Violence

Origin: Spanish, European

Synopsis Eve's apple is a documentary film reporting the barbarity of Female Genital Mutilation, showing how international agencies and private and public entities fight and look for alternative measures to end this reprehensible practice.

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