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Land and Shade

César Augusto Acevedo García Drama 2015 98 min
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Land and Shade

Original title: La tierra y la sombra

Genre: Drama Year 2015 Rating: NR

Duration: 98 min Country: Colombia, France, Netherlands, Chile, Brazil

Land and Shade

Direction: César Augusto Acevedo García

Production: Diana Bustamante Escobar, Paola Andrea Pérez Nieto, Jorge Forero

Script: César Augusto Acevedo García

Cast: Haimer Leal, Hilda Ruiz, Marleyda Soto, Edison Raigosa, José Felipe Cárdenas

The movie is: Captivating, Centered, Contemplative, Dramatic, Inspiring, Intense, Intriguing, Realistic, Strong, Tragic

Profile: Festivals, Tragic

About: Abandonment, Disease, Environment, Family, Nature, Separation

Origin: Latin American

Synopsis After abandoning his family 17 years ago, an elderly farmer, Alfonso, returns home to care for his ailing son. He discovers the landscape once familiar to him has been ravaged by toxic smoke and resembles a wasteland, as the vast sugar cane fields surrounding his house are burned during harvest. While reconciling his past, Alfonso must save his family from this life-threatening situation.

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