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Jack Zagha Kababie Comedy 2015 93 min
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Original title: Warehoused

Genre: Comedy Year 2015 Rating: NR

Duration: 93 min Country: Mexico


Direction: Jack Zagha Kababie

Production: Jack Zagha Kababie, Elsa Reyes, Yossy Zagha

Script: David Desola

Cast: José Carlos Ruiz, Hoze Meléndez

The movie is: Contemplative, Creative, Current, Dramedy, Dry, Intriguing, Original, Reflective

Profile: Festivals, Social

About: Behavior, Daily, Society, Work

Origin: Latin American, Mexican

Synopsis An employee about to retire and the young man who is to take over share five days on a work site, an enormous empty warehouse where apparently nothing ever happens.

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