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The Client

Joel Schumacher Thriller 1994 120 min

The Client

Original title: The Client

Genre: Thriller Year 1994 Rating: PG-13

Duration: 120 min Country: USA

The Client

Direction: Joel Schumacher

Production: Mary McLaglen, Arnon Milchan, Steven Reuther

Script: John Grisham, Akiva Goldsman, Robert Getchell

Cast: Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, Anthony La Paglia, Brad Renfro, Mary-louise Parker, William H. Macy, Anthony Edwards, J.t. Walsh

The movie is: Cruel, Dramatic

Profile: Conflict, Mob

About: Courtroom, Crime, Gangsters, Jail / Prison, Justice, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis 11-year-old Mark Sway, torn between what he knows and what he can never tell. A hitman will kill Mark if the boy reveals what he knows. An ambitious federal prosecutor will keep the pressure on until Mark tells all. Mark is now a pawn in a deadly game. And his only ally is a courageous attorney who risks her career – and unexpectedly, her life – for him.

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