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SK Gaming: The Journey

Erika Shibuya Tarano Documentary 2018 56 min
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SK Gaming: The Journey

Original title: SK Gaming: The Journey

Genre: Documentary Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 56 min Country: USA, Brazil

SK Gaming: The Journey

Direction: Erika Shibuya Tarano

Production: Erika Shibuya Tarano

Script: Erika Shibuya Tarano

Cast: Gabriel Toledo, Fernando Alvarenga, Marcelo David, Epitacio del Melo, Lincoln Lau

The movie is: Current, Exciting

Profile: Biographical

About: Behavior, Games, Sport

Origin: North American

Synopsis Follow the exciting story of five young men who rose from humble beginnings in Brazil to form the leading Counter Strike: Global Offensive team in the world, SK Gaming. The documentary takes you behind the scenes and gives a detailed, raw look at the life of the newest class of elite athletes.

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