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The Happy Film

  • IMDb 7.5
Stefan Ruzowitzky & Ben Nabors Documentary 2017 94 min

The Happy Film

Original title: The Happy Film

Genre: Documentary Year 2017 Rating: UR

Duration: 94 min Country: USA, Austria, France, Indonesia, UK

The Happy Film

Direction: Stefan Ruzowitzky & Ben Nabors

Production: Ben Nabors

Script: Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Nabors, Hillman Curtis

Cast: Jessica Walsh, Merta Ada, Sheenah Hankin, Jonathan Haidt, Stefan Sagmeister, Hillman Curtis, Ben Nabors

The movie is: Genuine, Intriguing, Original, Reflective

Profile: Investigative

About: Behavior, Culture, Drugs, Visual arts, Work

Origin: North American

Synopsis Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister is doing well. He lives in New York, the city of his dreams, and he has success in his work. But in the back of his mind he suspects there must be something more. He decides to turn himself into a design project. His unique designs and painfully personal experiences mark a journey that travels closer to himself than ever intended.

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