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Paddy Breathnach Drama 2016 99 min


Original title: Viva

Genre: Drama Year 2016 Rating: R

Duration: 99 min Country: Ireland, Cuba


Direction: Paddy Breathnach

Production: Cathleen Dore

Script: Mark O’Halloran

Cast: Héctor Medina, Jorge Martínez Castillo, Luis Manuel Álvarez, Maikel Machín Blanco, Laura Alemán

The movie is: Affectionate, Dramatic, Realistic, Reflective, Sad, Sensitive, Sentimental, Tragic, Uncomfortable

Profile: Festivals, LGBT, Melodrama, Social, Social inclusion

About: Behavior, Culture, Family, Relationship, Sexuality, Society

Origin: Latin American

Synopsis Jesus, a young hairdresser working at a Havana nightclub that showcases drag performers, who dreams of being a performer himself. Encouraged by his mentor, Mama, Jesus finally gets his chance to take the stage. But when his estranged father Angel abruptly reenters his life, his world is quickly turned upside down. As father and son clash over their opposing expectations of each other, A love story as the men struggle to understand one another and reconcile as a family.

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