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The Late Bloomer

Kevin Pollak Comedy 2016 90 min

The Late Bloomer

Original title: The Late Bloomer

Genre: Comedy Year 2016 Rating: R

Duration: 90 min Country: USA

The Late Bloomer

Direction: Kevin Pollak

Production: Raphael Kryszek, Heidi Jo Markel, Sebastian Serrell-Watts, Jesse Israel

Script: Ken Baker, Joe Nussbaum, Mark Torgove, Paul A. Kaplan, Kyle Cooper, Austyn Jeffs, Gary Rosen

Cast: Brittany Snow, Lenora Crichlow, Jason Antoon, Sam Robards, Paul Wesley, J. K. Simmons, Johnny Simmons, Elijah Wood, Ken Marino, Maria Bello

The movie is: Dramedy, Funny, Otimistic, Reflective

Profile: Psychological, Romantic Comedy, Social

About: Behavior, Encounters, Friendship, Life, Love, Psychology, Sex, Sexuality, Society

Origin: North American

Synopsis The story of an adult male who, after the successful removal of a benign tumor resting against his pituitary gland, experiences all the changes and effects of puberty over a three-week period.

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