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Candy Jar

  • IMDb 5.8
Ben Shelton Comedy 2018 92 min

Candy Jar

Original title: Candy Jar

Genre: Comedy Year 2018 Rating: TV-14

Duration: 92 min Country: USA

Candy Jar

Direction: Ben Shelton

Production: Judy Cairo, Michael A. Simpson

Script: Chad Klitzman

Cast: Uzo Aduba, Christina Hendricks, Helen Hunt, Tom Bergeron, Sami Gayle, Tracey Bonner, Sami Gayle

The movie is: Captivating, Cheerfull, Fun, Funny, Intelligent, Intriguing, Light, Reflective, Sensitive

Profile: Social, Teen

About: Behavior, Encounters, Freedom, Friendship, Life, Love, Overcome, School, Society

Origin: North American

Synopsis Dueling high school debate champs who are at odds on just about everything forge ahead with ambitious plans to get into the colleges of their dreams.

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