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Bill Nye: Science Guy

David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg Documentary 2017 96 min

Bill Nye: Science Guy

Original title: Bill Nye: Science Guy

Genre: Documentary Year 2017 Rating: NR

Duration: 96 min Country: USA

Bill Nye: Science Guy

Direction: David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg

Production: David Alvarado, Seth Gordon, Kate McLean, Nick Pampenella, Jason Sussberg

Script: David Alvarado, Jason Sussberg

Cast: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Ann Druyan

The movie is: Affectionate, Inspiring, Instructive, Intelligent, Reflective

Profile: Biographical, Festivals

About: Astronomy, Culture, Life, Science

Origin: North American

Synopsis This behind-the-scenes portrait of Bill Nye follows him as he takes off his Science Guy lab coat to stop the spread of anti-scientific thinking across the world.

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