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Le K Benzema

  • IMDb 7.4
Florent Pagny & Damien Piscarel Documentary 2017 120 min

Le K Benzema

Original title: Le K Benzema

Genre: Documentary Year 2017 Rating: TV-14

Duration: 120 min Country: France

Le K Benzema

Direction: Florent Pagny & Damien Piscarel

Production: Éric Hannezo

Script: Florent Bodin, Damien Piscarel

Cast: Karim Benzema

The movie is: Bitter, Dry, Sentimental, Sofisticated, Uncomfortable

Profile: Biographical

About: Behavior, Culture, Overcome, Sport

Origin: European, French

Synopsis The life of celebrity soccer player Karim Benzema. Immerse yourself in the reality of professional football and discover the construction of an extraordinary destiny!

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