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Forgive Us Our Debts

Antonio Morabito Drama 2018 104 min

Forgive Us Our Debts

Original title: Rimetti a noi i nostri debiti

Genre: Drama Year 2018 Rating: TV-MA

Duration: 104 min Country: Italy, Switzerland, Albania, Poland

Forgive Us Our Debts

Direction: Antonio Morabito

Production: Marco Belardi, Alessandro Leone, Amedeo Pagani, Elena Pedrazzoli

Script: Antonio Morabito, Amedeo Pagani

Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Marco Giallini, Jerzy Stuhr, Flonja Kodheli

The movie is: Current, Dramatic, Intelligent, Reflective, Strong, Uncomfortable

Profile: Conflict, Social

About: Failure, Greed, Society, Work

Origin: European, Italian

Synopsis Threatened by creditors, a newly unemployed man agrees to work for a debt collector, but soon discovers his deal with the devil has unexpected costs.

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