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Kiss of the Spider Woman

Hector Babenco Drama 1985 120 min

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Original title: O Beijo da Mulher Aranha

Genre: Drama Year 1985 Rating: R

Duration: 120 min Country: Brazil, USA

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Direction: Hector Babenco

Production: Altamiro Boscoli, Ernest Z. Frausto, Gustavo Halbreich, Jane Holzer, Michael Maiello, Francisco Ramalho Jr., Bernard Sofronski

Script: Manuel Puig, Leonard Schrader

Cast: William Hurt, Raul Julia, Sonia Braga, José Lewgoy, Nuno Leal Maia, Antonio Petrim, Denise Dumont, Milton Gonçalves, Patricio Bisso, Herson Capri, Nildon Parrente

The movie is: Credible, Dramatic, Original, Reflective, Sad, Tragic, Uncomfortable

Profile: Classic, Conflict, Festivals, Political

About: Crime, Dictatorship, Freedom, Jail / Prison, Politics, Protests, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis A gay man and a political prisoner are together in a prison. The gay man narrates the stories of two fake movies and his own life.

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