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  • IMDb 7.1
  • Award-winner at Venice Film Festival
Kohki Hasei Drama 2016 75 min


Original title: Blanka

Genre: Drama Year 2016 Rating: NR

Duration: 75 min Country: Italy, Philippines, Japan


Direction: Kohki Hasei

Production: Ava Yap, Flaminio Zadra

Script: Kohki Hasei

Cast: Jomar Bisuyo, Raymond Camacho, Cydel Gabutero, Peter Millari, Ruby Ruiz

The movie is: Affectionate, Bitter, Captivating, Cheerfull, Contemplative, Delicate, Dramatic, Intriguing, Reflective

Profile: Festivals, Melodrama

About: Abandonment, Childhood, Encounters, Friendship, Life, Relationship, Society

Origin: Asian

Synopsis Abandoned in the shabby urban slums of Manila, the 11-year-old street urchin, Blanka, struggles for survival in a cruel world to succeed in her ultimate goal: to create the best family money can buy.

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