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Neon Bull

Gabriel Mascaro Drama 2015 103 min

Neon Bull

Original title: Boi Neon

Genre: Drama Year 2015 Rating: NR

Duration: 103 min Country: Brazil

Neon Bull

Direction: Gabriel Mascaro

Production: Rachel Ellis

Script: Gabriel Mascaro

Cast: Juliano Cazarré, Alyne Santana, Maeve Jinkings, Carlos Pessoa, Samya de Lavor, Vinícius de Oliveira, Abigail Pereira

The movie is: Affectionate, Captivating, Creative, Dramatic, Exciting, Funny, Innovative, Intelligent, Original, Otimistic, Visionary

Profile: Festivals, Melodrama, Road movie, Social

About: Fashion, Friendship, Glam, Life

Origin: Brazilian, Latin American

Synopsis Iremar works at the rodeo in North East of Brazil. From his home, the truck used to transport the animals, he dreams of a future in the region's booming clothing industry.

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