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The Mimic

  • IMDb 5.4
Jung Huh Horror 2018 100 min
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The Mimic

Original title: The Mimic

Genre: Horror Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 100 min Country: South Korea

The Mimic

Direction: Jung Huh

Production: Mi-hee Kim

Script: Jung Huh

Cast: Jin Heo, Jun Hyeok Lee, Hyuk-kwon Park, Rin-Ah Shin, Jung-ah Yum

The movie is: Cruel, Dramatic, Thrilling, Tragic, Uncomfortable

Profile: Thriller

About: Death, Life, Monsters, Persecution

Origin: Asian

Synopsis A classic Korean ghost story gets a horrifying new spin in THE MIMIC, as the mother of a missing child takes in a lost girl she finds in the woods and soon begins to wonder if she is even human.

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