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  • IMDb 5.8
Carlos Algara Drama 2017 81 min


Original title: Verónica

Genre: Drama Year 2017 Rating: NR

Duration: 81 min Country: Mexico


Direction: Carlos Algara

Production: Juan Carlos Segura

Script: Carlos Algara, Tomas Nepomuceno

Cast: Olga Segura, Sofía Garza, Arcelia Ramírez, Horacio Castelo, Pablo Celorio, Mariana Torres, Eréndira Cortez, Alejandra Ortiz

The movie is: Distressing, Dramatic, Dry, Sofisticated, Thrilling, Uncomfortable

Profile: Festivals, Psychological, Thriller

About: Health and wellness, Madness, Medicine, Relationship

Origin: Latin American, Mexican

Synopsis A female Psychologist who has stopped practicing medicine, decides to take the case of Veronica de la Serna, a young woman whose previous therapist has mysteriously disappeared.

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