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Samuel Maoz Drama 2017 112 min


Original title: Foxtrot

Genre: Drama Year 2017 Rating: R

Duration: 112 min Country: Israel, Switzerland, Germany, France


Direction: Samuel Maoz

Production: Marc Baschet, Viola Fügen, Cédomir Kolar, Eitan Mansuri, Michel Merkt, Michael Weber

Script: Samuel Maoz

Cast: Karin Ugowski, Sarah Adler, Lior Ashkenazi, Shira Haas

The movie is: Bitter, Bold, Centered, Cruel

Profile: Festivals, Psychological, Social, Violent

About: Culture, Death, Psychology, Society

Origin: Israeli

Synopsis Michael and Daphna are devastated when army officials show up at their home to announce the death of their son. while his sedated wife rests, Michael spirals into a whirlwind of anger only to experience one of life's unfathomable twists, which rival the surreal military experiences of his son.

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