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John Badham Drama 1983 112 min
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Original title: WarGames

Genre: Drama Year 1983 Rating: PG

Duration: 112 min Country: USA


Direction: John Badham

Production: Leonard Goldberg, Harold Schneider

Script: William A. Fraker, Lawrence Lasker, Walon Green, Walter F. Parkes

Cast: Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Ally Sheedy, Barry Corbin

The movie is: Creative, Exciting, Genuine, Intelligent, Intense, Original

Profile: Classic, Conflict, Festivals, Political, Thriller

About: Cyberculture, Espionage, Freedom, Games, Leaders, Politics, Society, Terrorism, Violence, War

Origin: North American

Synopsis A bored teenager accidentally taps into the Pentagon's top-secret computer...the USA's NORAD system. He starts what he innocently believes is a computer game called "Global Thermonuclear War," but the "game" is real. The Pentagon's best minds cannot shut down or reprogram the supercomputer that is readying a missile attack against the USSR, and thereby unleash Armageddon. The teen and his girlfriend attempt to aid the helpless Pentagon and, in a frantic race against a ticking "doomsday clock," try to persuade the computer to end the "game."

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