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The Brand New Testament

Jaco Van Dormael Comedy 2016 114 min

The Brand New Testament

Original title: Le tout nouveau testament

Genre: Comedy Year 2016 Rating: G

Duration: 114 min Country: Belgium, France, Luxemburg

The Brand New Testament

Direction: Jaco Van Dormael

Production: Jaco Van Dormael, Olivier Rausin

Script: Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig

Cast: Pili Groyne, Benoît Poelvoorde, Catherine Deneuve, François Damiens, Laura Verlinden

The movie is: Fun, Funny, Unpretencious

Profile: Festivals

About: Behavior, Childhood, Family

Origin: European, French, German

Synopsis Did you know that God is alive and lives in Brussels with his daughter?

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