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Tim Blake Nelson Drama 2016 89 min


Original title: Anesthesia

Genre: Drama Year 2016 Rating: R

Duration: 89 min Country: USA


Direction: Tim Blake Nelson

Production: Tim Blake Nelson, Julie Buck, Josh Hetzler

Script: Tim Blake Nelson

Cast: Glenn Close, Kristen Stewart, Sam Waterston

The movie is: Dramatic, Melancolic, Realistic, Reflective, Sensitive, Sentimental, Tragic

Profile: Festivals, Melodrama

About: Addiction, Life, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis A snowy New York City night, a beloved teacher, a shocking crime: this provocative drama pieces together the puzzle of a man's life just before it changes forever. While on his way home one evening, Walter Zarrow, a popular Columbia University philosophy professor, is violently attacked on the street. Flash back one week, as actor-director Tim Blake Nelson traces the domino effect of events that led up to this seemingly senseless assault.

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