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Santiago Mitre Drama 2015 103 min


Original title: La patota

Genre: Drama Year 2015 Rating: NR

Duration: 103 min Country: Argentina, Brazil, France


Direction: Santiago Mitre

Production: Fernando Brom, Agustina Llambi-Campbell, Walter Salles

Script: Santiago Mitre, Mariano Llinás

Cast: Dolores Fonzi, Oscar Martínez

The movie is: Current, Distressing, Dramatic, Painfull, Realistic, Reflective, Uncomfortable

Profile: Conflict, Festivals, Psychological, Social

About: Feminism, Fights, Justice, Violence

Origin: Argentine, Latin American

Synopsis An intellectual young law student who renounces a promising career to become a schoolteacher in a remote poor village is forced to make a puzzling decision, in the aftermath of her rape.

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