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Etienne Comar Drama 2017 117 min


Original title: Django

Genre: Drama Year 2017 Rating: PG-13

Duration: 117 min Country: France


Direction: Etienne Comar

Production: Etienne Comar, Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier

Script: Etienne Comar, Alexis Salatko

Cast: Reda Kateb, Cécile de France, Bea Palya, Bimbam Merstein, Gabriel Mireté, Johnny Montreuil

The movie is: Affectionate, Captivating, Contemplative, Dramatic, Sensitive, Sentimental, Sofisticated

Profile: Based on true events, Biographical, Musical, Social

About: Behavior, Culture, Family, Life, Love, Music, Society

Origin: European, French

Synopsis The story of Django Reinhardt, famous guitarist and composer, and his flight from German-occupied Paris in 1943.

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