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The Death of Superman

Sam Liu & Jake Castorena Action & Adventure 2018 80 min
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The Death of Superman

Original title: The Death of Superman

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 2018 Rating: PG-13

Duration: 80 min Country: USA

The Death of Superman

Direction: Sam Liu & Jake Castorena

Production: Sam Liu

Script: Peter Tomasi

Cast: Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion, Christopher Gorham, Matt Lanter, Shemar Moore, Jason O'Mara

The movie is: Dramatic, Dynamic, Intense, Sad, Shocking

Profile: Ass kicking, Conflict, Superhero, Tragic, Violent

About: Death, Justice, Monsters, Overcome, Persecution, Violence

Origin: North American

Synopsis An asteroid hurtles through our atmosphere and crashes into the ocean, with it arrives an unstoppable force fueled by uncontrollable rage known only as Doomsday! With innocent lives threatened and Metropolis under attack, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League rally to meet this otherworldly menace. But when the dust settles, only an epic showdown between Superman and Doomsday can decide the fate of Metropolis and ultimately, planet Earth!

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