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Hubert Caron-Guay Documentary 2018 92 min
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Original title: Destierros

Genre: Documentary Year 2018 Rating: G

Duration: 92 min Country: Canada


Direction: Hubert Caron-Guay

Production: Hubert Caron-Guay

Script: Hubert Caron-Guay

Cast: Angie, Carlos, Darwin

The movie is: Cruel, Current, Dramatic, Reflective

Profile: Historical, Investigative, Political, Social

About: Life, Migration, Society

Origin: North American

Synopsis Border mechanisms that act on migrants are multiple. From shelter to shelter, boarding on trains, migrants aim up north across Mexico to reach the United States and Canada. During the U.S. election, migrants are more than aware that it could be their last chance to cross the border. In complete immersion, Destierros draws a path of reclusion. A path where time is still the longest road between two places.

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