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I Promise You Anarchy

Julio Hernández Cordón Drama 2016 85 min
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I Promise You Anarchy

Original title: Te prometo anarquía

Genre: Drama Year 2016 Rating: NR

Duration: 85 min Country: Mexico

I Promise You Anarchy

Direction: Julio Hernández Cordón

Production: Julio Hernández Cordón

Script: Julio Hernández Cordón

Cast: Diego Calva, Eduardo Martínez Peña, Martha Claudia Moreno, Shvasti Calderón, Oscar Mario Botello, Gabriel Casanova

The movie is: Bold, Disruptive, Dramatic

Profile: Festivals, LGBT, Social

About: Behavior, Friendship, Life, Lust, Sex, Sexuality

Origin: Mexican

Synopsis Two young men, Miguel and Johnny, have a close friendship and sexual relationship which they hide in front of others. They skate all day in the streets of Mexico City and sell blood to hospital emergency rooms. Trafficking blood is a way for them to earn a living and keep skating without having to follow other people’s rules. When a crime cartel contacts them to supply the blood for their clandestine clinics at a higher price, the boys accept, but the deal does not go to plan.

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