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In the Shadow of Women

Philippe Garrel Romance 2016 72 min

In the Shadow of Women

Original title: L'ombre des femmes

Genre: Romance Year 2016 Rating: PG

Duration: 72 min Country: France, Switzerland

In the Shadow of Women

Direction: Philippe Garrel

Production: Saïd Ben Saïd, Joëlle Bertossa, Rémi Burah, Michel Merkt, Olivier Père

Script: Philippe Garrel, Jean-Claude Carriere, Caroline Deruas, Arlette Langmann

Cast: Stanislas Merhar, Clotilde Courau, Léna Paugam, Vimala Pons, Louis Garrel

The movie is: Dramatic, Reflective, Romantic, Sensitive

Profile: Festivals

About: Behavior, Culture, Feminism, Relationship, Work

Origin: European, French

Synopsis Stanislas Merhar and Clotilde Courau are Pierre and Manon, a Parisian married couple working in fragile harmony on Pierre’s documentary film projects, the latest of which is a portrait of a resistance fighter. When Pierre takes a lover, he feels entitled to do so, and he treats both wife and mistress with disengagement bordering on disdain; when Manon catches Pierre in the act, her immediate response is to find common ground with her husband.

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