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Charles Vidor Drama 1946 110 min


Original title: Gilda

Genre: Drama Year 1946 Rating: NR

Duration: 110 min Country: USA


Direction: Charles Vidor

Production: Virginia Van Upp

Script: Marion Parsonnet

Cast: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George MacReady, Joseph Calleia, Steven Geray, Rosa Rey, Joseph Sawyer, Gerald Mohr, Mark Roberts, Ludwig Donath, Donald Douglas, Lionel Royce, Saul Martell

The movie is: Captivating, Dramatic, Exciting, Flawless, Intelligent

Profile: Classic, Festivals, Social

About: Behavior, Corruption, Crime, Encounters, Life, Love, Lust, Relationship, Revenge, Sex, Society

Origin: North American

Synopsis A small-time gambler hired to work in a Buenos Aires casino learns that his ex-lover is married to his employer.

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