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Gustavo Pizzi Drama 2018 95 min


Original title: Benzinho

Genre: Drama Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 95 min Country: Brazil, Uruguay, Germany


Direction: Gustavo Pizzi

Production: Agustina Chiarino, Fernando Epstein, Tatiana Leite, Rodrigo Letier, Gustavo Pizzi

Script: Gustavo Pizzi, Karine Teles

Cast: Karine Teles, Otávio Müller, Adriana Esteves, Konstantinos Sarris, César Troncoso, Mateus Solano

The movie is: Affectionate, Current, Delicate, Genuine, Reflective

Profile: Festivals

About: Family, Farewell, Life, Love, Relationship, Separation

Origin: Brazilian, Latin American

Synopsis Irene has only a few days to surpass the anxiety and discover a new strength before sending her eldest son away to the world.

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