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Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe

Maria Schrader Drama 2017 106 min

Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe

Original title: Vor der Morgenröte: Stefan Zweig in Amerika

Genre: Drama Year 2017 Rating: NR

Duration: 106 min Country: Austria, Germany, France

Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe

Direction: Maria Schrader

Production: Stefan Arndt, Danny Krausz, Denis Poncet, Uwe Schott

Script: Maria Schrader, Jan Schomburg

Cast: Josef Hader, Barbara Sukowa, Aenne Schwarz

The movie is: Affectionate, Contemplative, Delicate, Dramatic, Exciting, Genuine, Instructive, Melancolic, Sensitive, Sentimental

Profile: Based on true events, Biographical, Festivals, Historical, Political, Social

About: Dictatorship, Freedom, Holocaust, Life, Literature, Persecution, Politics, Society, Travel, Work, World War II

Origin: European

Synopsis The years of exile in the life of famous Jewish Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, his inner struggle for the "right attitude" toward the events in war torn Europe, and his search for a new home.

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