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  • IMDb 5.5
António Ferreira Drama 2011 80 min


Original title: Embargo

Genre: Drama Year 2011 Rating: NR

Duration: 80 min Country: Portugal, Spain, Brazil


Direction: António Ferreira

Production: António Ferreira

Script: Tiago Sousa

Cast: Filipe Costa, Cláudia Carvalho, Pedro Diogo, José Raposo, Fernando Taborda, Laura Matos, João Caetano, Eloy Monteiro, Nuno Ávila

The movie is: Dramedy, Reflective

Profile: Dark humor, Social

About: Behavior, Daily, Society, Work

Origin: European

Synopsis Nuno is a man working at a hot dog stand, who also invented a machine which promises to revolutionize the shoe industry- a foot scanner. In the middle of a gasoline embargo and finding himself in a strange predicament, Nuno becomes mysteriously confined to his car, finding his life suddenly embargoed.

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