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Mark Pellington Drama 2018 114 min


Original title: Nostalgia

Genre: Drama Year 2018 Rating: R

Duration: 114 min Country: USA


Direction: Mark Pellington

Production: Tom Gorai, Bobbi Sue Luther, Mark Pellington

Script: Alex Ross Perry, Mark Pellington

Cast: Hugo Armstrong, Shinelle Azoroh, Annalise Basso, Jon Hamm

The movie is: Bitter, Cruel, Dramatic, Genuine, Melancolic, Reflective, Sensitive

Profile: Festivals, Social

About: Behavior, Disease, Elderly, Family, Farewell, Friendship, Life, Love, Relationship

Origin: North American

Synopsis A drama about our collective need to find meaning in the objects we hold dear, 'Nostalgia' is a mosaic of interconnected stories built around the central theme of loss and memory, filled with characters as real and recognizable as your friends and neighbors.

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