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All That Divides Us

  • IMDb 4.9
Thierry Klifa Thriller 2017 99 min

All That Divides Us

Original title: Tout nous sépare

Genre: Thriller Year 2017 Rating: NR

Duration: 99 min Country: France

All That Divides Us

Direction: Thierry Klifa

Production: Kev Adams, Maxime Delauney, Luc Hardy, Nadia Khamlichi, Thierry Klifa, François Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne, Adrian Politowski, Romain Rousseau

Script: Cédric Anger, Thierry Klifa

Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Diane Kruger, Nekfeu, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Sébastien Houbani, Michaël Cohen

The movie is: Current, Dramatic, Intense

Profile: Ass kicking, Conflict, Festivals, Violent

About: Behavior, Crime, Death, Drugs, Family, Rage, Relationship, Violence

Origin: European, French

Synopsis A city in Sète. A bourgeois family in a house in the middle of nowhere clashes with slum-dwellers residing in the projects. A mother and her daughter. Two childhood friends. A disappearance. Blackmail. Deneuve plays a mother trying desperately to save her daughter, from a questionable relationship.

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