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Outlaw King

David Mackenzie Action & Adventure 2018 121 min

Outlaw King

Original title: Outlaw King

Genre: Action & Adventure Year 2018 Rating: R

Duration: 121 min Country: UK, USA

Outlaw King

Direction: David Mackenzie

Production: Gillian Berrie, Brian Coffey, Danny McGrath

Script: Bathsheba Doran, David Mackenzie, James MacInnes, David Harrower, Mark Bomback

Cast: Chris Pine, Stephen Dillane, Rebecca Robin, Billy Howle, Paul Blair, Sam Spruell, Jonny Phillips, Ben Clifford

The movie is: Cruel, Dramatic, Intense, Strong

Profile: Based on true events, Bellic, Biographical, Conflict, Epic, Festivals, Historical, Medival, Political, Tragic, Violent

About: Crime, Death, Freedom, Leaders, Life, Politics, Revolution, Violence, War

Origin: British, European

Synopsis A true David v Goliath story of how the great 14th Century Scottish 'Outlaw King' Robert The Bruce used cunning and bravery to defeat and repel the much larger and better equipped occupying English army.

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