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A Twelve-Year Night

Alvaro Brechner Drama 2018 122 min

A Twelve-Year Night

Original title: La noche de 12 años

Genre: Drama Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 122 min Country: Uruguay, Argentina, Spain

A Twelve-Year Night

Direction: Alvaro Brechner

Production: Mariela Besuievsky, Philippe Gompel, Birgit Kemner, Fernando Sokolowicz

Script: Álvaro Brechner

Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Chino Darín, Alfonso Tort, César Troncoso, Soledad Villamilm, Sílvia Pérez, Mirella PascualCruz

The movie is: Bitter, Cruel, Desperate, Distressing, Dramatic, Dry, Intense, Painfull, Realistic, Reflective, Sad, Strong

Profile: Based on true events, Biographical, Conflict, Festivals, Political, Violent

About: Behavior, Courtroom, Crime, Dictatorship, Freedom, Jail / Prison, Justice, Leaders, Life, Overcome, Persecution, Politics, Protests, Separation, Society

Origin: Latin American

Synopsis 1973. Uruguay is governed by a military dictatorship. One autumn night, three Tupamaro prisoners are taken from their jail cells in a secret military operation. The order is precise: "As we can't kill them, let's drive them mad." The three men will remain in solitary confinement for twelve years. Among them is Pepe Mujica - later to become president of Uruguay.

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