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  • IMDb 5.7
Dennis Iliadis Horror 2018 96 min
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Original title: Delirium

Genre: Horror Year 2018 Rating: R

Duration: 96 min Country: USA


Direction: Dennis Iliadis

Production: Jason Blum, Jennifer Davisson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Hampton, Tim Headington, Steven Schneider

Script: Adam Alleca

Cast: Génesis Rodriguez, Topher Grace, Patricia Clarkson, Callan Mulvey, Robin Thomas, Kelli Barksdale, Daisy McCrackin, Braden Fitzgerald, Cody Sullivan, Marty Eli Schwartz

The movie is: Frightening, Thrilling

Profile: Psychological, Thriller

About: Behavior, Madness

Origin: North American

Synopsis A man recently released from a mental institution, who inherits a mansion after his parents die. After a series of disturbing events, he comes to believe the house is haunted.

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