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The 90 Minute War

  • IMDb 7
Eyal Halfon Comedy 2016 90 min
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The 90 Minute War

Original title: Milhemet 90 Hadakot

Genre: Comedy Year 2016 Rating: NC-17

Duration: 90 min Country: Israel, Germany, Portugal

The 90 Minute War

Direction: Eyal Halfon

Production: Steve Hudson, Assaf Amir

Script: Eyal Halfon

Cast: Majd Bitar, Detlev Buck, Norman Issa, Moshe Ivgy, Miri Nevo, Pêpê Rapazote, Elika Rezvani, Rafi Rothstein, Riyad Sliman, Gilya Stern

The movie is: Bold, Dramedy, Fun, Funny, Genuine, Instructive, Intelligent

Profile: Conflict, Festivals, Political, Social

About: Behavior, Freedom, Leaders, Politics, Protests, Relationship, Society, Sport

Origin: Israeli

Synopsis The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has lasted 100 years. 100 years of war, bloodshed, bitterness, suffering. 100 years of stalemate, intransigence and failed peace deals. And now, it's all over! They've finally found the solution: A game of soccer. The winner gets to stay. The loser leaves forever. And no whining.

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