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  • IMDb 4.7
Jonathan Hopkins Horror 2017 84 min
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Original title: Slumber

Genre: Horror Year 2017 Rating: R

Duration: 84 min Country: UK, USA


Direction: Jonathan Hopkins

Production: Pascal Degove, James Harris, Mark Lane

Script: Richard Hobley, Jonathan Hopkins

Cast: Maggie Q, Sylvester McCoy, Will Kemp, Sam Troughton, William Hope, Honor Kneafsey, Kristen Bush, Susan Fordham, Lindy Pieri, Vincent Andriano, Mark Preston, Shane Nolan, William Rhead, Charlie Bond, Adam Lazarus, Lucas Bond, Tracy Gardener

The movie is: Frightening, Thrilling

Profile: Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller

About: Behavior, Death, Monsters

Origin: British, European

Synopsis Alice is a rational-minded sleep doctor, haunted by demons of her past. While performing an examination on a traumatized family with sleeping problems, Alice is attacked by the father in his sleep. After he is arrested and blamed for causing the family’s sleep issues, the problems get progressively worse. Alice is forced to abandon scientific rationale and accept that the family is being terrorized by a parasitic demon who feeds on the weak while they sleep.

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