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Stories Our Cinema Did (Not) Tell

  • IMDb 7.1
Fernanda Pessoa Documentary 2018 80 min

Stories Our Cinema Did (Not) Tell

Original title: Histórias que Nosso Cinema (não) Contava

Genre: Documentary Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 80 min Country: Brazil

Stories Our Cinema Did (Not) Tell

Direction: Fernanda Pessoa

Production: Fernanda Pessoa, Alice Riff, Julia Borges Araña

Script: Fernanda Pessoa

Cast: Jotta Barroso, Henriqueta Brieba, Jorge Chaia, Nadia Lippi, Carlo Mossy, Meiry Vieira, Pedro de Lara

The movie is: Bold, Disruptive, Intelligent, Reflective, Vulgar language

Profile: Erotic, Political, Social

About: Behavior, Culture, Politics, Protests

Origin: Brazilian, Latin American

Synopsis A historical review of the military dictatorship in Brazil only trough images and sounds from films that belong to the pornochanchada genre, a kind of erotic film that was the most seen and most produced during that period.

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