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The Last Hangover

  • IMDb 6.4
Rodrigo Van Der Put Comedy 2018 44 min

The Last Hangover

Original title: Especial de Natal: Se Beber, Não Ceie

Genre: Comedy Year 2018 Rating: NR

Duration: 44 min Country: Brazil

The Last Hangover

Direction: Rodrigo Van Der Put

Production: Tereza Gonzalez

Script: Fábio Porchat

Cast: Fábio Porchat, Gregório Duvivier, Antonio Tabet, Pedro Benevides, Paulo Vieira, Rafael Portugal, Fabio de Luca, Karina Ramil, Evelyn Castro, Pedro Monteiro, Camillo Borges, Gabriel Totoro, Victor Leal, Raphael Logam

The movie is: Fun, Funny, Unpretencious, Vulgar language

Profile: Historical

About: Encounters, Friendship, Life, Relationship

Origin: Brazilian, Latin American

Synopsis It's the morning after the Last Supper and the disciples are waking up hungover and wondering where their Messiah is.

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