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Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi Documentary 2017 93 min


Original title: Chavela

Genre: Documentary Year 2017 Rating: NR

Duration: 93 min Country: Mexico, Spain, USA


Direction: Catherine Gund & Daresha Kyi

Production: Agnes Gund, Catherine Gund, Daresha Kyi, Pepita Serrano

Script: Catherine Gund, Daresha Kyi

Cast: Chavela Vargas, Pedro Almodóvar, Elena Benarroch, Miguel Bosé, Jose Alfredo Jimenez Jr., Alicia Elena Pérez Duarte, Liliana Felipe, Martirio, Patria Jiménez Flores, Laura García-Lorca, Mariana Gyalui, Eugenia León, Tania Libertad, Diana Ortega,

The movie is: Inspiring, Reflective, Sentimental

Profile: Festivals, Social

About: Life, Music, Work

Origin: Latin American, Mexican

Synopsis The life of pioneering singer Chavela Vargas, from her birth in Costa Rica in 1919 to her death in Mexico in 2012.

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