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  • IMDb 6.2
Thomas Salvador Comedy 2015 78 min


Original title: Vincent n'a pas d'écailles

Genre: Comedy Year 2015 Rating: NR

Duration: 78 min Country: France


Direction: Thomas Salvador

Production: Julie Salvador

Script: Thomas Salvador, Thomas Cheysson, Thomas Bidegain

Cast: Thomas Salvador, Vimala Pons, Youssef Hajdi, Nicolas Jaillet, Nina Meurisse, Rémy Ventura

The movie is: Creative, Dramedy, Fun, Genuine, Light, Unpretencious

Profile: Festivals, Superhero

About: Behavior, Discoveries, Love, Relationship

Origin: European, French

Synopsis Vincent is a quiet, unassuming man. Who happens to have superhuman powers when exposed to water. He lives a life that keeps him away from others for the most part. Then he meets a girl. Then his powers are discovered. And his life changes.

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