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Matías Gueilburt Documentary 2019 89 min


Original title: Pátria

Genre: Documentary Year 2019 Rating: TV-MA

Duration: 89 min Country: Mexico


Direction: Matías Gueilburt

Production: Sebastián Gamba, Julián Rousson, Matías Gueilburt

Script: Nicolás Gueilburt

Cast: Paco Ignacio Taibo II

The movie is: Instructive, Realistic, Reflective

Profile: Bellic, Biographical, Conflict, Historical, Political

About: Corruption, Dictatorship, Freedom, Greed, Leaders, Politics, Protests, Rivalry, War

Origin: Latin American, Mexican

Synopsis Paco Ignacio Taibo II brings his book trilogy to life, highlighting Mexico's history in 1854-1867, a period he considers foundational to the country.

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